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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Internet in India


Getting broad internet connection in India still seems to be issue. From discussion forums and blogs, Airtel seems to be comparatively good. Here is my order of preferred ISPs: Airtel, BSNL … (other ISPs) and lastly Tata Indicom. However the problem with Airtel is they are seems to be not giving new connections anymore in many places. BSNL - they and their process takes time. In my place Airtel guys said “currently there is no feasibility and it will take another one month to give new connection”. BSNL said they will give telephone connection immediately but broadband will take minimum 3 months.


I gave up on broadband connection and tried to get wireless connection. The only concern which stopped me going for wireless is its initial cost. Airtel USB modem costs 6K and Reliance costs around 4K.

Airtel GPRS - Mobile Office

Few days back I came to know about Airtel’s GPRS scheme “Mobile Office”. No installation charges, no documentation, no application, no waiting…

To use you need a phone with GPRS support with Airtel PostPaid connection and software to share the internet with your PC/laptop. The plan I opt is unlimited download and Rs.140 per week. It converts into 700(140x5) per month which is ~equivalent to a rate of 128KB unlimited broadband connection.


So far I am getting good speed. The max speed I got is 33KB. This is more than enough for me to browse and download small applications.

Activation, Deactivation is done through SMS


SMS Number


To Activate



To get GPRS settings



To unsubscribe



However for my Windows Mobile I have to manually configure the GPRS settings. Start->Settings->Connections->GPRS is where you have to create a new connection if you want to configure you Windows Mobile. The only thing you have to input is “Access Point” and the value is “”.

To share the internet connection with your PC, click Start in your mobile and select “Internet Sharing”. This will disable the “Windows Mobile” activesync connection and creates a new Network connection – “Windows Mobile based Internet Connection Sharing device”. That’s it, you can browse in your PC.

Happy surfing :)


TWO Depot said...

but with the bsnl mobile the gprs service is just Rs.199 per month with unlimited download
see the following link

Happy surfing

Anonymous said...

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Aditya said...

I did the same but and I also see the connection sharing active in the task bar but internet is not active. Any idea what might be wrong.

Samuel said...

If you are able browse in your phone. Then the problem is with internet connection sharing. Make sure in the Internet Sharing application, USB is selected for "PC Connection" and "Airtel GPRS" is selected for network connection. After that in the PC make sure your mobile is detected as Internet connection sharing device(network connections tab-> show all connections)

If you are still able to solve - search/post here -

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